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A Mattress shouldn't cost you your sleep, right? But it does!

Sandeep grew up in India and had been living in the US for past 10 years. He talked to his parents in India regularly, and his mom always shared stories of her maid's eccentricities or other funny yet annoying issues she faced living in Pune. A few months back, she told Sandeep about the pains of buying a good mattress. She was searching for a mattress similar to Sandeep’s mattress in the US – a plush & comfortable memory foam mattress, good for the back, that didn’t cost lacs. She visited many stores in Pune, was misled by salesmen, and in the end, after spending weeks on the search, bought 2 mattresses. The mattresses were not only super expensive but were of mediocre quality. Sandeep heard similar complaints from other friends and family and realized that the mattress category in India needed work.

Buy Best Memory Foam Mattress in India

Sandeep gathered a team of experts to solve this problem. Sandeep’s old friend Vishal, who loves to sleep, joined the team as the Chief Technology Officer. Sandeep’s former colleague Joe, who is a seasoned venture capital investor and retail industry expert, joined the team as the CFO. This team of 3 traveled the world to find the best components and technology to make the perfect mattress for India.

And Wink & Nod was born. Wink & Nod’s vision is to bring a breath of freshness to the sleepy mattress industry. To build top of the line products, that are good for your health and well-being, and are good value for your money. We believe that a mattress shouldn't cost you your sleep!

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For the of great sleep

We care

We care about the environment. Our mattresses are manufactured without CFCs and other harmful chemicals

We love sleep

Studying sleep as a science is our art. The Wink & Nod Mattress is our masterpiece

We create for you

Specially crafted for Indian weather conditions keeping in mind Indian body structures

We dislike middlemen

So we’ve taken them out of the picture. No Extra Commissions. No Retail Markups

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