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Frequently Asked Questions

How firm/soft is the mattress?

On a scale of 1 (softest) to 10 (firmest), our 6-inch Lumbar orthopedic mattress comes in at around 8. It is the firmest model we have, and provides extra back and posture support for those looking to prevent neck and back aches. Many of our customers with lower back pain and other spine and sleep-related concerns find this to be the right option for them. You can also check out our other options Lounge and Emperia.

Why is this mattress good for my back?

Our medium-firm memory foam orthopedic Lumbar mattress is perfect for those suffering from discomfort or pain in the lower back and neck. The mattress matches the contours of the body, helping the sleeping spine remain straight and aligned with minimal strain.
The memory foam adjusts to the curvature of the body, ensuring that your spine stays aligned and is rested when you sleep, regardless of whether you sleep on your side, back, or front.

How does the cooling gel help?

Wink & Nod is one of the very few mattress companies which have cool-gel infused memory foam. This makes the mattress temperature adaptive. Designed especially for the warm temperatures in India, the cool-gel helps keep the mattress temperature pleasantly comfortable. Wink & Nod offers a revolutionary cool-gel layer to ensure consistent comfort throughout your sleep cycle and in all weather conditions.

Is there a 0% EMI option available for this product?

Yes, we provide 0% EMI on our mattresses and on all Mastercard and VISA credit cards issued by Indian banks for tenures of 3, 6, and 9 months. There is no minimum purchase amount. For more details on how to avail 0% EMI, contact us at

Does Wink & Nod provide a warranty for its products?

We have faith in our products and provide a 10-year warranty for our mattresses - one of the best warranties across the industry in India today. Our mattress doesn’t have any parts, but if there are any issues or anything missing or unsatisfactory in the product, we will be happy to replace/refund the product. If there is an issue with the cover, we will provide a replacement cover. However, in each of these cases, we will need to ensure that the damage or flaw hasn’t been caused because of mishandling of the product.

How do I unpack and set up my mattress?

Step 1: Lay the box on its side next to your bed frame.
Step 2: Place the rolled up mattress on your bed frame and remove outer plastic cover.
Step 3: Unfold the mattress and use the provided cutting tool to carefully remove the inner plastic cover.
Step 4: Watch in amazement as your mattress magically expands!
Step 5: Lie down, and sleep away your troubles

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